Silk road essay questions

As a military commander posted to frontier stations, Li Xian would have traveled considerably, and many of his travels would have taken him along the trade routes of the Silk Road as well as to the capital to give reports and receive orders. Describe the interior of the cave shrine shown in the photograph.

In the yeara Hephthalite envoy passed through Guyuan en route to Luoyang; he was accompanied by a lion, one of his diplomatic gifts. In Christopher Columbus's journals, he suggested to the king and queen of Spain that they focus on converting the peoples of the Americas because "in a short time you will end up having converted to our Holy Faith a multitude of peoples and acquired large dominions and great riches.

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In this way, the ewer demonstrates how culturally complex China has always been, with waves of invaders and migrants, especially from the porous and oft-challenged borders to the north and northwest.

Examine the technological innovations that allowed for European exploration. The Indian Ocean had a very unique and convenient way of getting around.

Wife is Li Nang Children: It refers variously and imprecisely to long-distance trade and interactions across Afro-Eurasia. Silk fabrics were very valuable, light and easy to transport on the Silk Road. Was it an exotic piece brought out for formal banquets, filled with local grape wine for his guests and intended to reflect his status and cosmopolitanism.

Keeping Silk a Secret Silk became a prized export for the Chinese. He realizes that, if he travels the entire Silk Road, he will be away from his family for more than a year. Answers will vary 5. In essence, the Silk Road efficiently and effectively connected the entire known world.

Paragraph and essay format mla outline ielts essay how to writing handwriting. The Silk Road crossed may types of terrain. Indeed, perhaps this ewer held more interest and value to his wife: Examine the Seven Years' War.

Silk Road Travel with China Highlights Many modern day adventurers peg this as one of the key things they want to do.

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Crossing the Gobi Desert Document D: How many of those innovations came from Europe originally. How do you think the silk bought in Antioch got to Rome. Economic viability is one consideration, but so too are environmental impact and opportunity costs. Answers will vary 4. Geography and geopolitics explain, in part, the current pattern of roads, railroads, pipelines, and other regional infrastructure.

From a Sogdian letter we learn that the Sogdian merchants traded gold, musk, pepper, camphor, flasks, cloth and wheat. What crops and animals were being shipped back and forth. Around the time Li Xian was born, the Xianbei were ruling from Luoyang on the Yellow River, but their empire was in trouble.

Answers will vary 2. Viewed from any perspective, the existing regional infrastructure is woefully inadequate and an obstacle to greater prosperity, economic integration, and political change. Textiles, wood, and ivory decayed. Everything about this piece encapsulates Silk Road movement and interaction.

The Indian Ocean and Silk Road were different in terms of the spread of religion as trade networks because the Indian Ocean helped to spread the religion of Islam, and the Silk Road helped to spread the religion of Buddhism. Essay about book to recommend reference action plan for essay kindergarten english speech essay article format pt3.

You look over the map to get a sense of what lies ahead of you. Its form and materials, for example: You may also come to the front table to scroll through this presentation for help on any part of the DBQ packet. How do you think pepper got to Marakanda.

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An excerpt describing the Taklimakan Desert in Encyclopedia, a natural history of Asia written in the early s by Chinese historian Ma Twan-lin. Or was it used at less formal occasions—or not used at all.

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Belief Systems Along the Silk Road Religious beliefs of the peoples of the Silk Road changed radically over time and was largely due to the effects of travel and trade on the Silk Road itself.

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The Silk Road Origins and Operations The Silk Road was an overland route that linked China to the Mediterranean world via Mesopotamia, Iran, and Central Asia. There were two periods of heavy use of the Silk Road: (1) b.c.e.?

Silk road essay questions

c.e. and (2) the thirteenth through seventeenth centuries c.e. The term "Silk Road" commonly designates the East-West overland trade routes, established around the beginning of the Common Era when Chinese silk began to reach the West and falling into disuse primarily because of Europeans' opening of sea routes to the East beginning in the late fifteenth century.

Taking its as its thematic metaphor the ancient Silk Road, a conduit between East and West and highway of intense cultural exchange, publishes fine fiction, nonfiction, interviews, poetry, and images that capture the intensity, fluidity and tension of locations—inside us and in the world.

How were the Indian Ocean routes and Silk routes similar? Different?

Deriving its name from the then rare and highly in-demand commodity, silk, the Silk Road was established roughly years ago, and comprised of both land and marine routes, spanning more than miles, across the known world at the time (Vadime, ).

Silk road essay questions
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